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In the modern world, everyone can become famous!

New professions and trends appear every day.

Bloggers, Vloggers, Writers, Artists, Musicians, Artists, Photographers, and many other freelancers are gaining popularity on social media.

We have created an opportunity for all these people to accept payments for their services through online channels. Everyone who wants can register their profile, create information about themselves in 3 languages, connect online payments and start accepting payments on their page using our platform.

For this, you dont need to go to the bank, open an account, wait in queues and waste your time. You register online and immediately start accepting payments.

10 reasons why you will choose our service?

  1. You will have a personal account
  2. You have the ability to view statistics and reports about your funds received. You can download the statement to Excel file for your reporting.
  3. You have the ability to view detailed information about payments. (Who, when and for what transferred funds to you)
  4. You can publish your business project and take advantage of crowdfunding opportunities.
  5. You will have a convenient payment tool that you can provide to your clients and customers. At the same time, commissions are not withheld from those who pay.
  6. You will have a secure personal profile. You don't need to send your card details to others to accept payment.
  7. You can accept "Recurring Payments". If you receive the same amount from customers every month, you can enable recurring payments, and the amount will be automatically debited and transferred to your account.
  8. Connection of payment acceptance will take you only 3 minutes.
  9. You don't need to go to the bank and get a POS terminal. Accept payments online.
  10. You will receive a bonus from us in the form of promoting your page on social networks.

The cost of our platform services is 3% of the amount received.

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