Where can I get funds to create a new product?

When a developer “burns” with his idea, it’s hard to resist, and then he goes in search of investments. Well, if these searches do not lead to a mortgage loan, where "crazy" interest is set. Especially for this case, there are investors who have already long earned money and are just in search of brilliant ideas. Such people could try a lot and just lose that spark, that inspiration that pushes to the realization of ideas. In such a large world, it is difficult for two opposing sides to meet.

Crowdfunding has been created specifically to help one and the others. This is a kind of platform where both parties can meet and get exactly what they need. Such intermediary services are suitable for all parties of the contract.

Return on investment can be carried out by one of the following methods:

  • Complete takeover of the established company.
  • Entering the company on the stock exchange. Selling your part.
  • Withdrawal of your capital after income.
  • Selling your part of the business to other competitors.


To assess all the risks of the project, all the necessary documents are presented on the platform. If you understand in a certain direction, do not be wise and experiment, take up the search for a project on your subject. Especially for this, all ideas are divided into topics and presented in a separate section:

  • Sport
  • Services
  • Games
  • Health
  • Design
  • Food

In general, the list is very large, so that everybody will find a suitable direction.

You can invest in a working project or completely new. Of course, the first ones are in demand, because their result is immediately noticeable and others have already tried them out. But in the case of a new project, only you take off "all the cream". Investing involves one of the options:

Providing a share in the business, which can then be sold more expensive when the project becomes more popular.

• Return funds replacing by goods.

Gratuitous investment.

All these nuances are prescribed in a separate contract. The developer receives the desired funds for the development of his project. However, the company monitors and analyses the progress of affairs during the process. Crowdfunding is a very convenient and advanced form of financing, which already actively used in the West. But wish.az provides many people with the opportunity to receive investments to implement their idea, without serious risks and with great prospects for the future.